2012-2013 Budget

It has been an amazing year so far!  Beginning with the Welcome Back dinner in August, followed by the best Student Education Enhancement Drive (SEED) ever, leading up to a fantastic and successful Art Walk, we are now through SACO’s fundraising season and emerge with $30,000 in family donations (and counting!)  Because we carried over $25,000 from last year, which includes $11,500 earmarked for the school’s developing music program raised at the 2012 Spring Auction, plus some miscellaneous funds including a $2000 grant from Target, we are able to bring forward a spending plan for $60,000!

The proposed spending plan is available for everyone’s review.  Please understand that there has been a lot of effort to gather a lot of input and ideas to develop the plan.  The response to the 1st annual budget survey, and conversations at SACO meetings and with teachers and school staff, confirmed that we all have different views and ideas about arts education at SRCSA, but that there is a common thread of support for arts. academics, classroom funds, staff development, field trips/adventures, visiting artists and assemblies, and special projects.  So, the spending plan reflects an effort to fund lots of different things, with a focus on the classrooms, with the over-arching goal to support our school’s unique arts-integrated education mission.

At this Wednesday’s November SACO meeting which begins at 6:00 PM in the MPR, we will walk through each proposed spending category and each item.  Because I am ever hoping to keep the monthly SACO meetings to one hour, as it seems like most of us are eager to depart for our homes at 7:00 PM, I encourage you to review the spending plan ahead of time and email me if you have questions or comments.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend the meeting to help adopt a 2012-2013 budget that will support SRCSA and make this a great school year!

Thank you for your continued support of SACO and SRCSA!

Erin Morris, President                                                                                                     School of the Arts Community Organization

Click here for “The Plan”:     Updated SACO Budget 2012-2013 Draft November 4