Join SACO on Friday, August 28 at 8:10 AM!

Every parent or guardian with a student at the Santa Rosa Charter School for the Arts (SRCSA) is part of the School for the Arts Community Organization (SACO), our version of a parent-teacher organization. Each year, a Board is elected to lead the organization. The Board’s primary function is to ensure that SACO, a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, successfully supports SRCSA’s mission.

SRCSA’s mission, according to the school’s charter, is to provide K-8 students from the Santa Rosa community and beyond with an innovative, high quality education that focuses on the arts through a challenging, integrated, standards-based academic program. The ultimate goal of our school is to give our students a lifetime appreciation of learning through the lens of the visual and performing arts and to assist in the development of committed, confident individuals who are willing to make positive contributions to the community at large.

SACO supports the school’s mission by volunteering, fundraising, and organizing school events. We help connect new and continuing families to the school through various communication channels. We provide a weekly email newsletter that announces school activities. We organize a print newsletter 6+ times per year to showcase students, projects, staff, and activities at our school. We organize two fall fundraisers (SEED and Art Walk) and a spring event. We maintain a SACO Facebook page for advertising and showcasing school events. Mainly, we coordinate with parents, families, local businesses, teachers and the school administration to make sure resources are available to provide a high-quality, well-rounded, arts integrated education for SRCSA students.

SACO relies on parent volunteers and support from teachers and administrators. Parents and families support the school through volunteering, fundraising and playing an active role in the campus community. The more people who are involved, the stronger our support to the school can be. Broad participation also translates into better representation of individual classrooms and a greater understanding of the collective needs of the campus community. Everyone is welcome to be part of SACO and to attend the first SACO meeting of the year to learn more about our school.

First Meeting:  Friday, August 28 at 8:10 AM

Multipurpose Room at SRCSA, 2230 Lomitas Avenue

The first three meetings of the year are crucial because we will collaboratively organize the key fall
events, identifying projects, and prepare the annual budget. Remember, you earn volunteer hours for attending SACO meetings, and you can meet other school families and learn about the year ahead.  Please use the SACO google calendar to plan on attending future SACO meetings.

Additional Resources: SACO Connection Reference (handed out at Ice Cream Social)