Volunteers for Friday’s Communication Packet Team meeting

It has been a bit challenging this year arranging volunteer events since we are not using Volunteer Spot and it has not been easy to find a good replacement program, so we don’t have a good way to anticipate who will be there to help. So I wanted to share that I am hoping for a good turnout to this Friday’s packet assembly. 

On Friday, our volunteers will be assembling approximately 290 packets to go home to campus families.  We try to send one per family to conserve resources, and the packet goes to the youngest student at the school.  Joe Rye, parent of two SRCSA students, will lead future packet meetings but I’ll be filling in for him this time.

Last year, we held SACO meetings on Friday morning and then followed the SACO meeting with an hour of packet work.  This order of events won’t work this year since we’re holding SACO meetings at night, hoping to make it easier for people who can’t attend daytime meetings to be more involved in SACO. 

So, in conclusion, I am really hoping that some of last year’s Friday crew, and other familiar (and new) faces, appear in the library this Friday to help with the packet.  A dozen or so of us will knock it out and deliver the packets to the classrooms, too, within the hour.  If we have “too many” volunteers I would be grateful for that opportunity because the library itself could use a good tidy up. 

Please join us Friday if you can.  Ms. Evans, our principal, will be there at the beginning of the hour to greet volunteers, there will be coffee and fixings, and based on last year’s packet assembly experiences, it should be efficient and yet fun/social and when you leave, you’ll know that you helped get stuff done for SRCSA.

In the meantime, see you all at Back to School Night tomorrow.