Welcome Back SRCSA Community!

The postcards announcing the Welcome Back dinner went home today, and the SACO Board is busy planning a delicious pasta dinner for everyone to enjoy on August 17th.  It’s difficult to believe that school is really starting in two short weeks!

This web page is new but the SACO Board has high hopes that it will be a helpful companion to the Monthly Communication Packets, autodialers, Family Handbook, and other materials sent out by SACO and SRCSA.  One of our Board’s main goals this year is to pilot new electronic communication methods to eventually provide the opportunity to reduce the use of paper and also to make it easy for families to access information.

The www.srcsa.org web site is currently down to technical difficulties, but it will be back up soon as it provides valuable information about our school  to current and prospective families.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments about the web page (helpful suggestions are encouraged and VERY welcome) or SACO or other things related to SRCSA.


erin.morris1 at gmail.com