SRCSA Yearbook

The Santa Rosa Charter School for the Arts Yearbook is organized by parent volunteers who gather photographs and lay out the pages. We use Picaboo to print the books, so all yearbook orders are placed on-line only. Softcover yearbooks are only $15 and include all individual class photos, class pages showcasing student activities, and photographs of key school events.

Contribute Photos

We want your photos! Download the Skipple app(free) and upload your photos for the yearbook. Get more info at the link below!

Skipple How To

Personalize Your Yearbook

Picaboo provides an opportunity for each yearbook to include customized pages to personalize the book. Once the yearbook order is placed, older students, and parents of younger students, can create unique pages on-line including personal photos, original art, favorite memes, inspirational sayings, or other design elements. SACO’s Yearbook team offers two workshops at the school, one in the fall and one in early winter, to provide hands-on technical assistance to families and students who are new to Picaboo.

Personalize Yearbook Info